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The Rainbow Bible

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by Salvador Moncada and comrades

5.5 x 8" (14 x 20.3 cm)
Quality inkjet color print
Cardstock cover

The Rainbow Bible started in the mind of Salvador Moncada, a trans artist, activist, philosopher and self-described “mutant” from El Salvador who was incarcerated for 15 years in the so-called u.s. She had to keep her identity to herself in El Salvador and in prison, so art was a salvation: she dreamt up and drew the mutants you'll meet in these pages, all living the free freaky lives she wanted to live. God was her salvation too, but not the God she'd grown up with who hated queers. Instead, she made up a religion for “the rainbowers,” the motley mutants building a liberated world.

The Rainbow Bible began as a sketch of truisms and art exchanged through calls, letters and collaborations with queer folks Sal befriended in her last few years inside. The pages were collected by friends and supporters and assembled into the zine you're now holding. It's a send-off to humor and play in the midst of pain; a reminder that we've got things to live for when the system tries to stamp us out. In our loneliest moments, it's a message from a friend: you are not alone, we are not alone.

100% of profits goes to the Letters For Release commissary fund, a program of Lupinewood.

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