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CW: Suicidality, mental illness, addiction.


The Collective

We’re a queer, majority trans collective of organizers and artists coming from divergent age, race, gender, and class positions aiming to build deep radical infrastructure for healing and community organizing in so-called massachusetts. Five years ago we moved into a dilapidated mansion with no water or heat, and we’ve been slowly remediating mold and repairing rot in the process of making this a permanent home and organizing space. While we work on the building and on ourselves, we’ve been using Lupinewood as a launch pad for solidarity work with low-income families, immigrants, Indigenous land defenders, folks recovering from addiction or violence, and houseless or at-risk queer and trans people. 


As a queer family we’re involved intimately in each other’s daily struggles, like cooking for each other, coordinating addiction recovery and accountability processes within the group, or keeping each other safe through suicidality, panic attacks, and the breaks from reality that can sometimes accompany flashbacks from PTSD. Our collective mutual aid undergirds our ability to organize together, building the trust we need to bridge our divides and arrive at consensus.


In addition to running fundraisers for projects hosted at Lupinewood and people we're in solidarity with we use the store's proceeds to support the continued repair and renovation of the buildings at Lupinewood.

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